The Hotel

Genre: Not Really Sure. Installation?

The Hotel defies description. Guests enter a recreation of a crumbling hotel and try to check into their rooms, but are misdirected around the Hotel’s dozens of bizarre facilities, including a horrendously bureaucratic administration center, an intimidating wellness center, the world’s worst cabaret, a restaurant where the only food is comedy sketches by Idiots of Ants, and much more.

My role was creating and staffing the Business Centre, stocked with kiosk computers that accessed our own warped version of the Internet. A Hotel Home Page had clearly been edited by the manager in an attempt to save money, inadvertently publishing a “Motherfucking Test Page” and slandering the local Starbucks as “The Opposite of Historic”. The webmail system was permanently logged in as aforementioned manager (Charlie Rowland), displaying his saved message folder full of complaints, lawsuits, requests for work experience, and 198 online entries to “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”.

I also created a computer on the stairs which displayed ghastly porn (a man who’d carved a tree into the shape of a giant cock). Approaching the computer triggered an ultrasonic proximity sensor and replaced the image with a spreadsheet of problems and solutions, presumably edited by the concierge. This switch was accompanied by the ghostly voice of the concierge shouting “Shit shit shit!”.

Finally, I created a “wellness test” that ran upstairs in the wellness center. This asked questions related to wellness, from “Do you eat Apples?” to “Do you have Cancer?” and would tell the user whether or not they were well. They were almost always unwell – an invitation for Vivian Fleet to pound them into shape on his tiny running track, or fill their stomach with pure glucose.

The Hotel was an amazing experience that I will never forget. Following its success in Edinburgh, there will doubtless be more such projects from Mark and his elusive production company, The Invisible Dot.


  • “It’s daft, delirious and exactly what the Fringe was made for” ***** The List
  • “Meticulously timed and offering a whole new show behind every door, The Hotel is perfectly unlike any other comedy you’ll see this August.” **** The Scotsman
  • “impeccable attention to detail” **** Chortle


Give My Regards to Broady

Genre: Musical Theatre

Melbourne International Comedy Festival, 2008. Co-Written (with Karin Muiznieks and James Simpson), Co-Produced (with Karin Muiznieks), Co-Directed (with Adrian Calear and Scott Gooding).

“so much talent and humour it blew my mind”

“richly comedic, silly and a fun night out”

“it is difficult not to draw comparisons with the early version of Keating ”“ The Musical!

Review Links:

Triple Trouble

Genre: Variety Show

Melbourne International Comedy Festival, 2007. Written, Produced and Hosted.

My first review of the festival. A nice one, I think.

Triple Trouble can be summed up in one word””excellent. Combining the best aspects of stand-up, some fun musical numbers, and some on the spot improvision, it delivered an amazing evening. As a long time fan of improvision shows, I was deadset on seeing this one, and my eagerness was richly rewarded. There is no real way to fully describe the sheer energy host Dan Walmsley has as he pranced about the stage, jokes coming thick and fast. The audience loved it.

Combining some great jokes from comedians like Duff, as well as some fun but shocking facts, it was a night of laughs. One of the great attractions of Triple Trouble was the Musical Odyssey””a musical journey of a theme chosen by the comedians and endorsed by the fans. An absolute delight.

The audience was presented with three themes for the Musical Odyssey, with the theme chosen according to how much applause was given. From pop artists taking over the world, to a boyfriend with an unfortunate fondness for his cacti collection, all the topics were great fun.

Triple Trouble is over 18’s only. If you’re in the mood for some laughs, and then some drinks, give it a go.

Review Links:

Pink Horse of Whimsy

Genre: Variety

5-show season, March 2006. Created and Hosted, with Danny Alder

“The boys worked well as tag team MCs and bounced things off each other effortlessly.”

“A lot of effort has gone into the Audio Visual items used in the show”

“cruisey and lots of fun”

Review Links:

Instant Musical Odyssey

MICF 2006. Host and Co-creator with Rob Lloyd, Brian Hurley and The Crew

“The show’s premise is simple and yet very effective”

“these guys were good. Damn good!”

“I can’t even count the amount of times I laughed out loud”

Review Links:

Fran and Roxanne are Best Friends
MICF 2006. Musical Composer/Co-writer.

“fantastic original songs”

“brilliantly absurd”

Review Links:

Geraldine Quinn’s “A Butterfly Affair”

“Pianist Dan Walmsley did an amusing compilation… “

Review Links:

Mark Watson’s Seemingly Impossible 36-hour Circuit of the World
September 2006. Technical and computer assistance, music, web-site, writing, video-editing, hosting of Southern Embassy (with Andrew McClelland, Janet McLeod, Lawrence Leung)
September 2005. Co-Musical-Director (audience volunteer, with Amy Butterworth) for Mark’s 2005 years in 2005 Minutes.

“a genuinely uplifting demonstration of the power of collaboration”

“unmissable, unforgettable, addictive phenomenon”

“so full of big names, you never know who’s going to pop by”

Review Links:

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