Fringe Show: Set List

Greetings Evildoers,

As occasionally happens, I have a show in Fringe. This time it’s an improvised musical show — we create a new band at that the beginning of the show from audience suggestions, and then play a whole gig as that band. The music is rehearsed, but the lyrics are improvised based on our interaction with the audience. It’s a truly unique new form of theater, and we really enjoy playing it.

Each week is a different genre, so you can come along to all 3 if you like! 😉

For this event we’ve assembled some of the finest improvisors and musicians in Melbourne to play our 3 debut genres: Folk, Jazz and Rock. We’ve got members of folk ensembles, orchestras, music theater shows, rock bands and more to create an improv supergroup that you will blow your mind.

The gigs are on Saturdays at 4:30pm at Trades Hall and run for about an hour:

  • 27th September @ 4:30pm: Folk
  • 4th October @ 4:30pm: Jazz
  • 11th October @ 4:30pm: Rock

Tickets are $15 full price, $12 concession. The theater is gorgeous, with 200 seats encircling the stage complete with Rolling Stones-style walkway. Oh yeah, baby! And of course in the same building there’s the Bella Union Bar for drinks before and after the show.

Tickets are already selling fast, so book today through Melbourne Fringe (03 9660 9666), or online at

Thanks for reading, and I hope to catch you all during Fringe.