Kellea’s first blog post

IMG_1311The title of this post is a bit misleading. My dad and I had a blog for our ill-fated attempt at biking across the U.S. in 2008. Still, this my inaugural individual posting on the world wide web. Hello.

I dedicate this kick-off to my partner/husband/in-house tech advisor, Dan Walmsley, whose patience, persistence, and programming prowess have made my website possible. Full disclosure: he is VP of Engineering for Nationbuilder, the platform I’m using for this site. You’d think the family connection might mean I’m an automatic cheerleader for the product. Not so. I am trying hard to figure out how this works, getting frustrated, and feeling proud when something looks good along with the rest of you. However, I do have the insider’s view to know that the NB team cares deeply about democratizing the web, helping communities organize themselves, and unlocking the power of the internet as a tool for change. With that in mind, I’m giving this “online presence” thing a go.

Thank you, Dan, for dealing with my frustrations and helping me make something beautiful.

Quick and easy WordPress development using Docker

TL/DR: Head over to this GitHub repo for a handy way to develop WordPress plugins and themes using Docker.

I recently decided to create my first public WordPress plugin which provides basic FitBit stats for your blog.

This was on a fresh laptop (the one handily provided by Automattic, my new employer), so I had the opportunity to try something new in terms of my development environment.

I decided to try out Docker and the new Docker Compose tool (installation instructions – or just brew install boot2docker and brew install docker-compose).

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