Ode to an Exit Row

I just authored this on a plane, while sitting in an exit row, in honour of Exit Rows everywhere.

I’m 6’6″ / 200cm. You get the idea.

Happiness is an Exit Row

Happiness is an Exit Row
With knees not shifting to and fro
With aching not felt from below
Nor seat-backs crushing hips-to-toes
I do so love you Exit Row

Happiness is an Exit Row
With room to stage a puppet show
While dressed as Edgar Allen Poe
With daughter cousin wife in tow
Oh! How I love my Exit Row

Happiness is an Exit Row
Should you steal it, you’re my foe
The handle pulled, the door I’ll blow
Released your belt and out you go
I’d kill to have my Exit Row

Oh, how I love my Exit Row!

2 thoughts on “Ode to an Exit Row

  1. Frances Prentice

    Love that you entertain yourself writing poetry.
    Happiness is a comic bloke
    Always ready with a joke
    Tickling bones of other folks
    Sometimes going up in smoke
    Ready fun at self to poke
    Rarely found to ever choke
    Loving dagger and the cloak
    Makes us laugh until we croak
    Happiness is the comic bloke 🙂


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