One thought on “Camping, 21st Century Style

  1. brent

    I don’t get why people think this is a silly invention.

    People go camping for different reasons. Some go to experience deprivation, the great outdoors up their arse-crack and shivering through chilly nights in inadequate sleeping bags. Some go to have a nice time and relax.

    Up here ‘camping’ means going to a spot on the Murray, which you can’t swim in, to sit and watch it. Some people sit with a fishing rod in their hands. I went camping last week with a bunch of yobs, lovely people, salt of the earth, shoot the head off a rabbit at 200m as much as look at it, who sat three rows deep in their LandCrusher with the engine idling so they could watch DVDs while they smoked bongs.

    And they looked like they were having a great time.

    Personally if I were doing that kind of camping I’d love it if I could kick back with an Ipod-Hat and watch a couple of episodes of Buffy or something.


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