My first Google Wave Robot

So last night, powered by half a bottle of cheap plonk, I wrote and deployed my first Google Wave Robot. It’s not perfect yet, but it kinda works. All it does is replace emoticons with pictures. Right now, they’re pictures of my girlfriend.

To try it out, you’ll need a Google Wave account. Currently they’re invite-only, alas.

Simply add “” to any conversation where you want the smileys to be converted. Any “blips” you edit will have emoticons replaced, in “near real time”. Currently only 🙂 😦 😉 and 😀 are supported. :-/ coming soon.

Awesome! wink

5 thoughts on “My first Google Wave Robot

    1. To all who are asking for invites: I have none left. Sorry!

      Also, it seems that those who sign up as a result of an invite (rather than Google directly granting them access because they registered at aren’t given any invites. Or perhaps it’s random? Who knows.


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