Edinburgh Fringe: The Hotel

The Hotel, Poster
The Hotel, Poster

The Hotel could be the most interesting and inexplicable show that I’ve ever been involved in – quite a feat considering the current record-holder in that regard was a 36-hour show in which a fictional two-state country was invented and then one state seceded from the republic because Mark Watson wouldn’t pop up the road and buy a webcam. Meanwhile somebody flew across the world and we sang more than a few rousing songs.

But I digress. The Hotel is a mind-bending new comedy directed by Mark Watson which tell the story of a hotel and its owner, with each room presenting a unique comedy piece that illustrates part of the story. The rooms are curated by some of the world’s finest and most innovative comedians, and also by me.

I am in charge of the Business Center, a room full of computers and other equipment all designed to mess with you in subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

I have given away more than enough – suffice to say this is one of the must-see events of the Fringe. These sorts of things don’t come along often – how could they? Renovating a Hotel is an awful lot of hard work.

Come and check it out: 5th to the 31st of August (but not the 17th) at “Assembly @ George Street – Meeting Place Theatre”, at 4:15pm. It goes for about an hour. You will wish you could stay longer.


2 thoughts on “Edinburgh Fringe: The Hotel

  1. Jonny

    I loved the Hotel, its like nothing else I’d seen in the festival before. I thought your business centre was hilarious – did you write the website? I am trying to research other people who were in it – who played the French poet guy?


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