Swine Flu, Day 5

Still sucks.

Highlight of the day: Coughing up my lungs in the shower for half an hour this morning.

Quote of the day: “Mmm… tastes like brown!” (Mia claims this is the most awful thing I’ve ever said, but I beg to differ – she hasn’t heard everything I’ve ever said)

Swine flu definitely sucks.

More news as it happens.

Chloe Hall: Show on the Road

There’s something I’ve been working on recently as part of Agent Blank that I’m really, really proud of, and now that we’ve got a few episodes under our belt I’m ready to share it with the world.

It’s called “Chloe Hall: Show on the Road” and it’s a web series shot entirely by the band while on the road, and edited by our little team of miscreants here in Melbourne, Johnny Blank and Benjamin Murphy.

I hope you really enjoy it. The player is embedded below (I hope this works!). You can view the whole series at Chloe’s web site.

The War on Money

Watching the commencement speech of the new Master of Ormond College (a local private high school), I was struck by how the defining challenge of our generation will be the overthrow of vested interests, in the interest of saving the planet.

Two things have become increasingly apparent to me over recent days:

  1. Government organisational structures are the last hold-outs in broader society against an entrepreneurial ecosystem that is able to rapidly change in response to new challenges and attitudes. The business and community sectors are far more in sync with what people want than those in elected office, and yet it is governments who are able to have the greatest impact on the defining challenge of our times: reversing humanity’s negative impact on the environment.
  2. A key force in defining government attitudes is the ability of those with money to lobby governments to maintain the status quo.
  3. Ergo, there are two things we can do to shift government priorities. Restructure government itself, or reduce the value of money to almost zero. Or both.

Stay tuned.

Edinburgh Fringe: The Hotel

The Hotel, Poster
The Hotel, Poster

The Hotel could be the most interesting and inexplicable show that I’ve ever been involved in – quite a feat considering the current record-holder in that regard was a 36-hour show in which a fictional two-state country was invented and then one state seceded from the republic because Mark Watson wouldn’t pop up the road and buy a webcam. Meanwhile somebody flew across the world and we sang more than a few rousing songs.

But I digress. The Hotel is a mind-bending new comedy directed by Mark Watson which tell the story of a hotel and its owner, with each room presenting a unique comedy piece that illustrates part of the story. The rooms are curated by some of the world’s finest and most innovative comedians, and also by me.

I am in charge of the Business Center, a room full of computers and other equipment all designed to mess with you in subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

I have given away more than enough – suffice to say this is one of the must-see events of the Fringe. These sorts of things don’t come along often – how could they? Renovating a Hotel is an awful lot of hard work.

Come and check it out: 5th to the 31st of August (but not the 17th) at “Assembly @ George Street – Meeting Place Theatre”, at 4:15pm. It goes for about an hour. You will wish you could stay longer.