3 thoughts on “Holy f-ing wow

  1. Lyndon

    We love you Dan. You know that. But your life does lend itself towards pure blind jealousy based hatred…. you do understand that don’t you? 🙂

    In all seriousness, congrats. It seems that the reality of your existinance is beginning to match the capabilities we knew you had…

    BTW, during the wee hours yesterday morning I was randomly thinking about a conversation we had last time we met, about a conceptual business analysis for online content. I then proceeded to build on a couple of real-life town-planning based algorithms in regards to physical traffic.
    I extrapolated that into a symantic layer using online traffic, using the linkage data to generate traffic models, prime routes, bottle-necks etc. Turned out to be quite interesting, to speak in the analogy of real-life transit it permitted identification of traffic flows, building of bypasses and byroads to best optimise and ease conjestion and frustration. Tracking end to end highlighted where users would migrate naturally from point a to point b, however because of the existing routes some would ‘give up’ their journey at a breakage point along the way. A bypass then increased traffic movement substantially.
    In the concept we spoke about, this would equate to following a users preferences and linkage between artists to identify that users that liked artist A routed through various links, and if they made it often bought from artist B, but along the chain might dislike artist C which was a key link, and thus terminate their journey prematurely. A highway between the two would maximise interactivity between all.
    Hard to describe in text, but remind me to flick through the graphic modelling sometime (which does indeed appear in the building, street, suburb, city, road sense) which would make more sense…. civil engineering for the virtual world.

    In the meantime, enjoy the States as we continue to live vicariously through your excitement 😛


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