A Letter To The Editor: How Will We Survive?

We live in troubling times. With Kevin Rudd’s proposed Carbon Tax slated for introduction in 2010, a chorus of dissent is growing.

Airlines, LNG importers, cement manufacturers and aluminium smelters are all, rightly, proclaiming that billions of dollars in investment is moving overseas. This will almost certainly impact our cherished lifestyle for the worse.

Who doesn’t remember fondly those winter evenings spent gathered around the high-gain investments singing old folk songs with our family and friends? Or the excitement we felt as children when we received our first ceremonial bag of cement from the town vicar? Will we never again gather at the Community Aluminium Smelter to stage whimsical theater productions about the benefits of subsidised LPG?

Indeed, so many things that bring us happiness and love are going to die at the stony bureaucratic fingertips of Kevin Rudd.

Meanwhile, as we languish in an environment stripped of our beloved heavy industry, the Chinese and Indians will be breathing the cancerous smog of Victory!

While we shall be reduced to mere beasts, forced to care for one another in a highly localised “community”, the Chinese and Indians will reap the enormous benefits of “Westernisation”, a process that gives everyone the enviable power to be utterly isolated even from their neighbours.

Power generation, food production, and other distribution-dependent industries will fragment into smaller, localised businesses, wiping out the precious top 10% of our wealthiest individuals in a single stroke and distributing that money to undeserving middle-class Australians.

Meanwhile, the Chinese and Indians will enjoy the many benefits of a wide gap between rich and poor, including increased crime, gated communities, and backdoor political interference from commercial interests.

How will we survive?

One thought on “A Letter To The Editor: How Will We Survive?

  1. trav

    I’m glad you didn’t mention global warming there.
    Reducing carbon emissions is good for plenty of other reasons without the old farcical boogie man of climate change.


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