Confused Narcissus

Ok, so a while ago I set up a Google Alert to inform me of happenings related to myself, and periodically it tells me someone on the web called “Dan Walmsley” (typically an Irish F1 Engineer, but occasionally me) has been written about.

Today, however, the results were far more disturbing.

Dan twinned the Steward way in back circuitously 2002 for example a musician in re the non-philharmonic restlessness. “Ace did exclamation in order to the administration ”˜oh, ourselves sense, Themselves do up have it gently too’,” me recalled as to his untimely days. “Nonetheless top brass didn’t factually accredit oneself.”

First of all, I think I’ve been misquoted.

Second of all, who does this article benefit?

Thirdly, the post categories are: “african american, audism, feel good tips, republicans, yasin”. Why?

Fourthly, it’s clearly a translation of this article. But a translation into what? Half-English gibberish?

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to hard evidence that synonym-generation does not lead to 100% readability during summary generation. This reminds me of my lost year at NICTA.

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