Planet Nerd Episode 3

Tomorrow night is a landmark in television, for that is when Planet Nerd Episode 3 goes to air. After a rollercoaster week which saw us become the #1 comedian on YouTube (take THAT kitten-that-almost-says-hello!), we return with our biggest show yet!

  • Dan Walmsley reports pseudo-live from Steve Jobs’ keynote speech at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference
  • Paul Verhoeven and Ben McKenzie investigate the brainy world of Zombies
  • Simon Barber brings us the Weekly Whedon
  • Musical parody heaven from Anyone for Tennis
  • And so much more!

As usual, you can catch us at 10pm on Channel 31 Melbourne. If you miss that, we’re on again at 1am Saturday night

Dan Walmsley
Host and Patsy-in-Chief, Planet Nerd

P.S. You can subscribe to the Planet Nerd mailing list and catch YouTube versions of parts of the show at

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