Debut TV Show – Planet Nerd

For the Broadband-endowed among us, we present to you: The Pilot for Planet Nerd!

Shh – don’t tell anyone.

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The Breakfast Show Live – Back for 2007

Hey, everybodies! The Breakfast Show is back for 2007, broadcasting on Melbourne’s Community TV powerhouse, Channel 31.

I’m going to be appearing every second Wednesday at 7:40am to present my own segment, tentatively titled “Beam Down to Planet Nerd”. The topics are usually computer-related but can range across the full spectrum of nerdiness, from slot cars to box kites.

An article appeared in The Age this morning which provides a well-rounded look at the evolution of the show, and the benefits and challenges of community media.

Tune in! IF YOU CAN.

Most audacious counterfeit ever

A great deal of hullabaloo and huffery-puffery has been generated between the WTO (i.e. the USA) and China over China’s failure to crack down on the production of counterfeit goods.

Until now, I never paid much notice. Who cares if China feeds the poor by selling fake designer handbags and copies of Windows XP?

But this is just outrageous.
The Magical KingsdomDunald DockDunald Dock 2

It’s a counterfeit Disneyland. Their slogan? “Because Disneyland is too far”. I’m not making this up.

You’ve got to admire that level of commitment.