Triple Trouble – Final Nights!


I will admit, there have been dark moments. Times when I doubted what I was doing. Times when my ability to entertain was called into question by “The Man”. Or “The Woman”. Or “The Entire Audience”. But today I’m feeling a little better.


This is my first and probably only review of the festival, so I’m going to reproduce it in full. To see the original, click here.

Triple Trouble can be summed up in one word””excellent. Combining the best aspects of stand-up, some fun musical numbers, and some on the spot improvision, it delivered an amazing evening. As a long time fan of improvision shows, I was deadset on seeing this one, and my eagerness was richly rewarded. There is no real way to fully describe the sheer energy host Dan Walmsley has as he pranced about the stage, jokes coming thick and fast. The audience loved it.

Combining some great jokes from comedians like Duff, as well as some fun but shocking facts, it was a night of laughs. One of the great attractions of Triple Trouble was the Musical Odyssey””a musical journey of a theme chosen by the comedians and endorsed by the fans. An absolute delight.

The audience was presented with three themes for the Musical Odyssey, with the theme chosen according to how much applause was given. From pop artists taking over the world, to a boyfriend with an unfortunate fondness for his cacti collection, all the topics were great fun.

Triple Trouble is over 18’s only. If you’re in the mood for some laughs, and then some drinks, give it a go.

If you haven’t yet come to my show, read that review again and ask yourself why. We have two shows left – tonight and tomorrow – and they’re shaping up to be absolute corkers.

Tonight we have Karin Muiznieks playing her adorably off-kilter cabaret, The Crew performing an Instant Musical Odyssey, and comedy legend Duff delivering a headline spot worthy of actual headlines.

Tomorrow “Anyone for Tennis?” will open the show, The Crew bring more impro mayhem, and the brilliant Janelle Koenig headlines.

I hope to see you all there. But if only some of you are there I guess I’ll cope.

p.s. What the Hell?

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