Mark Watson’s 24 Hour Show Hits Melbourne

Sometimes, Mark Watson does very long shows. In 2004, he did a very long one indeed: Mark Watson’s Overambitious 24-hour Show. I wasn’t there, but Andy McClelland was, and by all accounts a wonderful time was had by all.

In 2005 I became inadvertently entangled the next ill-advised marathon show, called “Mark Watson’s 2005 Years in 2005 Minutes”. I got to play some music. I absolutely loved the experience, so I blogged it.

Last year, Mark held a marathon show in Edinburgh again, this time it was his seemingly-impossible 36-hour circumnavigation of the world. I was stuck here in Melbourne, so some Melbourne comics (primarily Andrew McClelland, Lawrence Leung and Janet McLeod), punters and I got together and formed a Southern Embassy, complete with Web Site and online store. It got 5 stars in Chortle, so hurrah for Mark on this gargantuan effort. A record of the event appeared in The Groggy Squirrel.

Now, the 24-hour show hits Australia. Melbourne, to be precise. And what a time for it to hit! For it’s smack-bang in the middle-ish of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

The show will be held TONIGHT, Sunday 22nd of April 2007, from midnight, until the following midnight. 24 solid hours. Oddly, in light of previous years, this feels like rather too little time to run a show. How quickly one adjusts.

Nevertheless I implore you to come on down, particularly if you are a lovely person with a variety of skills and blessed with equal measures of mischief and patience. Entry is just $5.

You can sign up for the mailing list and track events as they happen at

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