Tonight at Triple Trouble

If you missed last night at Triple Trouble, then you missed Geraldine Quinn railing against the innocence of youth, Declan Fay railing against psychotic radio station call-ins and Matt Elsbury railing against… well, everything. And a Musical Odyssey about Lucinda the Angel of Death that went completely off the rails.

TONIGHT (Wednesday) is Super Science Night! We have a packed line-up, including

  • the gorgeously hilarious Renata Muss
  • the sparklingly ramshackle Karin Muiznieks
  • the wildly witty Ben McKenzie (aka The Man in the Lab Coat)
  • the engagingly deranged Duff!
  • and the roaringly random Crew performing a totally made-up Instant Musical Odyssey

Thursday night is a Singing and Dancing Spectacular. Come on down and see:

  • Green Room award winning Cabaret Artist Geraldine Quinn
  • Groovy Interstate Musical Funsters “Hooray for Everything!”
  • The Crew, who will delight, surprise and possibly shock you with another Instant Musical Odyssey
  • Plus a Super Secret Dancing Surprise!

To get in to either of these shows for just $5, just say the secret password “Mister Tickle” to our charming door-person.

Don’t forget, Triple Trouble is on every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at The Laundry. 50 Johnston St, Fitzroy, from 8:30pm.

Cheerio Comedy Folk!


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