Mel Gibson blames alcoholism on “The f-ing Jews”

After a week in damage-control mode after a drunken anti-semitic diatribe, Mel Gibson blamed his behaviour on resurgent Alcoholism and sought forgiveness from the Jewish community.

This morning, however, Gibson held another press conference – this time, on the balcony of his Malibu home – in which he blamed his Alcoholism itself on “the stinking Jews”.

I… hic… am an innocent man! Thatthatthat BOTTLE in my CAR was put there by a STINKING JEW! Andandand ANOTHER thing, he poured it down my… my THROAT, like THIS! (Gibson holds tequila bottle to mouth and takes a long swig) You see that? (Gibson talks directly to bottle) You Jewish piece-a-shit! Aaaaaaaah fuckit (Gibson throws bottle off balcony at a hedge, narrowly missing reporters)

The brand of Tequila that Gibson was drinking is produced in Guadalajara, Mexico by a local company.

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