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Hi there, thanks for visiting. I’ve begun to return this site to normal, after the trans-normal experience of Mark Watson’s Seemingly-Impossible 36-Hour Circuit of the World. This will be the jumping-off point on the web for my various projects in programming, comedy and music. So welcome! I hope you find something here that you like.


A convenient falsehood

As YouTube gradually replaces TV as the idle brain’s opiate of choice, I am tempted to write such arrogant know-it-all tidbits as “it was only a matter of time before big-money PR firms took notice”. With the benefit of hindsight, and a helpful article by ABC News, I’m going to act like I always knew that Republican PR firms would use YouTube to subversively knock cultural artifacts that don’t suit their warped world-view.

Case in point: This absurdly dull video pushing the already-done-way-better-by-South-Park premise that Al Gore is boring when he talks about climate change. It turns out that the video was produced by Republican PR firm DCI, and funded by… Exxon! Check out the comments below the post for some Web-2.0-style punches to the head.

I hope that web culture can maintain this kind of democratic edge in the face of the occasional crackdown on bandwidth and free speech. And I dearly hope that DCI continues to post its astroturf videos on YouTube for immediate dissection by 8 million eager e-chisels.

Mel Gibson blames alcoholism on “The f-ing Jews”

After a week in damage-control mode after a drunken anti-semitic diatribe, Mel Gibson blamed his behaviour on resurgent Alcoholism and sought forgiveness from the Jewish community.

This morning, however, Gibson held another press conference – this time, on the balcony of his Malibu home – in which he blamed his Alcoholism itself on “the stinking Jews”.

I… hic… am an innocent man! Thatthatthat BOTTLE in my CAR was put there by a STINKING JEW! Andandand ANOTHER thing, he poured it down my… my THROAT, like THIS! (Gibson holds tequila bottle to mouth and takes a long swig) You see that? (Gibson talks directly to bottle) You Jewish piece-a-shit! Aaaaaaaah fuckit (Gibson throws bottle off balcony at a hedge, narrowly missing reporters)

The brand of Tequila that Gibson was drinking is produced in Guadalajara, Mexico by a local company.