Back to the labs, boys

My new job involves quite a bit of work with natural language tools which try to group, summarise or classify text fragments. I am aware that sometimes these tools produce odd results, because in the end they’re not really intelligent – they’re driven by statistics.

Still, it made me laugh when I had a quick play with Google Sets, a tool which tries to predict additional entries for a set based on a few entries that the user supplies. I decided I would go easy on it the first time, so I gave it the following innocuous set: “hat”, “handbag”, “wallet”, “keys”.

What could possibly go wrong?

Predicted Items
US History book
coke can empty
tits hairy
History notebook
cell phone
lipgloss watermelon

“tits hairy”?

lipgloss watermelon??

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By Dan Walmsley

Dan Walmsley

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