Sometimes a transcript doesn’t convey the appropriate sense of gravity

Today, Australian journalist Richard Carleton died while reporting on the Beaconsfield Mine disaster, which claimed the life of one miner while two others are still trapped almost a kilometer underground. A transcript of ABC Radio’s reporting of the story is available online, and contains what may be the silliest line in a serious piece of journalism that I’ve ever read.

And while the wait continues for the people of Beaconsfield, the death of veteran journalist Richard Carleton has added to the grief-stricken atmosphere in the town.

Already the death of miner Larry Knight has devastated many locals. Now journalists, many of whom witnessed Mr Carleton’s collapse, are sharing their difficulties with the people of Beaconsfield.

Tim Jeanes reports from the town.

PAT VEEVERS (phonetic): Here we are. I hope you enjoy that, that’s beautiful cabbage rolls.

(wipes a tear from one eye)

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