Instant Order: Trial by Jury

This has been a crazy-ass week. I almost feel like a working comic (and, consequently, a bit less like a working programmer, to the frustration of my boss) – Wednesday was my show, The Pink Horse of Whimsy. Thursday, Cut & Paste (improv), and tonight… more improv! Instant Order: Trial By Jury with The Crew.

It’s been really great, but it’s also quite tiring and probably unsustainable. Still, a good warm-up for the Adelaide Fringe.

On a completely unrelated note, the guy in the next office has been coughing all morning. But it’s not really a cough, but a sort of throat-clearing, mucus-raising growl, the sort that makes your eyes water just hearing it. The worst thing is that I realised: he does it all the time. It’s just that now it’s made its way into my conscious mind, where it will annoy and distract me forever.

I have to get out of this shitty-ass job.

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