What would Georgie Choose?

So I’ve been hacking away on my live show, The Pink Horse of Whimsy, and one of the best bits is our stupid “game”, “What Would Georgie Choose?”. It involved my dog, George, being presented with three things (initially they were physical items, but over time it has become kinda abstract), and then choosing between them. The audience has to cheer for the item they think George will choose.

So week 3 was probably the cutest one so far. Without further ado, let’s find out… What Does Georgie Choose?

Week 3 choices:

  • New York!
  • Istanbul!
  • The Moon!

What will George choose?

Part 1

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Part 2 – George Chooses!

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George has inspired me in other ways too – check out for his online store šŸ™‚

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