Hello again, world – GoldSounds is back. Again. In case you’re wondering what’s been keeping me busy:

  • The Pink Horse of Whimsy – a live variety show in Melbourne, Australia that has been running for the last 5 weeks. The final week is next week, just before I head to Adelaide for the Fringe.
  • – my first e-commerce site! The idea came from Sally, the inspiration from her dog George.
  • The Small News – nothing to see here yet, but coming soon is The Small News Podcast, an audio and video blog focusing on current events

So I haven’t been posting on GoldSounds much, but dammit – I WANT TO. My people need me. I’ve seen the logs. For some reason, my blog is very popular in Venezuela. Let’s take up the fight!


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By Dan Walmsley

Dan Walmsley

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