Hot off the press

This just in: American government overtly hypocritical.

In his recent Veterans’ Day speech, Bush accused critics of the Iraq war of trying to rewrite history. Of course, the Bush Whitehouse knows just what that’s like, because just days before the speech they rewrote the transcript of a Whitehouse press conference, and then tried to shove their altered version of reality down the throats of other agencies that provide independant transcripts.

The rewritten section has Scott McClellan saying “No, I don’t think that’s accurate”, rather than what he actually said: “That’s accurate”. The Bush Whitehouse is behaving as though we live in an age before video, despite the fact that they’re serving it up alongside their bogus transcript. Go in about 5:30.

So, what’s good for the Goose is no longer good for the Gander? Hopefully, this story becomes a big fat Thanksgiving turkey for the Bush regime. I may stretch the analogy, but not as far as they’ve stretched the truth.

There I go again!

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