Need. To. Sleep.

So. Incredibly. Tired.

Just a couple of days flyering and I’m already pooped. I have been falling asleep at this Internet terminal. My house is too far out of town to be bothered walking or even bussing there for a nap, besides I have to walk across town in the opposite direction (30 mins each way) to flyer the queues for Dara O’Briain and Tommy Tiernan. That’s £2.50 for 1.5 hours, which works out as… £1.60 an h0ur, or something like that.

I am falling asleep. I really am. As I sit here.

Saw the Bicycling Comedian today, who’s ridden 183,000 miles between all his stand-up gigs. (wakes up) Where was I? Oh yes. Anyhoo, I asked him for advice after the show, particularly about food. He said if you’re riding around the US you can’t stick to a diet, it’s impossible. Sometimes (often, in fact) the only food available is greasy Diner crap. You are so hungry you just shovel it in.

I hope Europe is a little better than that.

The other thing he talked about was “hitting the wall”, where the body runs out of energy and starts burning fat. I don’t like the sound of that, because my body will have to burn something other than fat. In fact, it feels like it’s doing that right now.

Ran up to the top of Arthur’s Seat yesterday with a bunch of friends and some cans of beer and croissants and chocolate. What time of the day, you ask? Why, 4am! When else?

We sat at the top of the hill shuddering in the cold and watched the sun rise over the ocean as fog rolled across the Firth of Forth. Young lovers who had ascended the mountain top to entwine themselves romatically on the peak found our presence off-putting. A greek photographer spending his first day outside Greece found his shot ruined. We had a great time.

Tonight, more Impro at the Phat Cave. There’s two girls and 3 boys. Our name? Meat and Two Vag.

9 thoughts on “Need. To. Sleep.

  1. were you impro or host?
    What happened to your love handle fat reserve?


    You’ll lose them by the time you come back, and I won’t be able to squeeze and poke them and mock your flabcock.


    (ps: as I type this, google ads are telling me the sleep wizard will help. whatever happened to the beautiful linen pants?)


  2. Euan

    Hitting the wall, known down under as bonking. I looked kind of funny at my coach when she said that ’cause bonking means something totally different in the UK…

    Anyway you do NOT want to bonk, preiod! It’s awful ’cause it’s not the fat that gets burnt first it’s protein in the shape of muscle. That hurts really badly and it takes a good 3 or four days to recover fully from it.

    Remember when cycling, carbs are your friend. Protein no more than usual and good fats but load up on carbs above all else. Pasta pasta pasta, jelly snakes, banananas, get your oil from lots of nuts.

    sorry to go on but I’ve bonked and it’s not good.


  3. Suzie

    I am not a very good wife allowing Euan to be fooled that bonking means hitting the wall. LOL Maybe the coach was trying to implant subliminal messages that she wanted to bonk my husband. *gasp*


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