Cool building sculpture

Cool building sculpture

Originally uploaded by Itchy Feet.

I used to live in this group of buildings. It cost AUD$120 a week, and there was a free tennis court, swimming pool, gymnasium and it was right in the middle of everything. I could walk almost everywhere I needed to go.

Then, I clearly went completely insane and moved out of this amazing apartment to live by myself in South Yarra, the Katie Holmes of Melbourne: cute but nothing interesting going on upstairs.

3 thoughts on “Cool building sculpture

  1. daniel

    Both have their pros and cons. My apartment in the CBD was across the road from the Exhibition/Carlton gardens one of the most beautiful gardens in Melbourne, and one block from the Fitzroy/Treasury gardens. The apartment that I moved into in South Yarra was one block from the Botanic Gardens and across the road from Fawkner Park. I didn’t need a back yard 🙂


  2. Salacious Crumpet

    I never saw that apartment. But I have very happy memories at the South Yarra one. Sure, it was a wanky suburb, your neighbours had weird fights at 3am, and your house was always damp and weird smelling, but lying in your bed watching the trees during storms was wonderful. Chasing Georgie around the park. Having inappropriate dares on park benches. Nice, cheap, long and lazy breakfasts. Reading the newspaper in the sun in the grass. Wine on the balcony, etc.

    The place in Carlton is better for you though, but you and I have different housing/social needs. 😀

    Life tends to force you to shed one circumstance for the opportunity of a bigger one. Life is a series of trade offs. Yes, this is a metaphor. Hello Metaphor. MAN! That would be such an awesome website name. Watch this space.


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