Katie Holmes has brain replaced by boiled cabbage

I’m not normally one to regurgitate celebrity gossip, but one story has me very concerned. The 16 missing days between the Old Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s infatuated new Bride-Bot.

… Sometime that week, her friends say, she flew to Los Angeles for a meeting with Cruise about a role in “Mission: Impossible 3.” The meeting took place after April 11.

The next time anyone heard from Holmes was on April 27, when she appeared in public as Cruise’s girlfriend and love of his life.

Where was she during those 16 days?

Somewhere during that time, she decided to fire both her manager and agent, each of whom she had been with for years and who were devoted to her.

Read the article. This is just awful. And the new Tom Cruise has been coming across in interviews as, well, completely bananas.

In the days before blogs, they might very well have got away with this.

5 thoughts on “Katie Holmes has brain replaced by boiled cabbage

  1. Dr Doom

    Fortunately we have blogs now, so they won’t be allowed to get away with it. “Suspicious behavior in Hollywood? Not on my shift!” the police will cry, before leaping into their cars and screaming off to the Cruisecave. Meanwhile Tom Cruise tosses a tablet PC aside in a fury, its screen still showing an Australian blog linking to a news article. “BLOOOOOOOOOOOGS!” he roars.


  2. daniel

    Uh… when I said “not get away with it”, I probably should have said “People will not only realise that Cruise and Holmes have become extremely kooky, but will be able to amass a compelling body of evidence to prove it.”

    More sources of information = less ability for Cruise’s management to engage in damage control.

    Of course, the fact that he fired his management will also impede their ability to engage in damage control.

    Stupid munchkin.


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