It’s been a while

It has been a while since I’ve posted, and I know both of my readers are anxious to know what’s going on. Well, it’s a long a complex story with many devious and exciting twists and turns, but it can be summarised in three simple words: I’ve been busy.

Right now, I’m ignoring the cardinal rule of blogging: Don’t post drunk. I paid heed to that rule for the last week or two, but all it resulted in was a complete lack of content. I’ve realised that the only way I’m going to get this blog going again is to either post from work (looking less and less likely, now that people around me have started noticing that I tend to slack off) or post while under the influence of at least one intoxicant.

Tonight, my band (The Debacles) had a gig with my flatmate Hannah’s band (Baba Yaya – she plays Trumpet). Our bass player, Tania, also plays bass in Baba Yaga – and, can I just say, she was the absolute rhythmic bedrock of that band. She rocked the kazbah. Awesome bass lines.

We also have a CD out, and we actually sold one tonight – score 1 for commercialism.

Last night, I had a stand-up gig which was bravely attended by 3 friends. It’s the first time I’ve made any attempt to spread the word about solo non-competition stand-up gigs, and despite the tepid audience reaction, I was quite pleased with the spot and with the evening, and quite a few peoplel had good things to say. I also got to see Adam Vincent’s second spot at the lounge since arriving back in Australia, and he was inspiring and fascinating. He has a really unique presence on stage – unforced, confident yet not in-your-face.

I had a reasonable gig on Tuesday, but afterwards my brain was on fire with worries and thoughts about what I could have done better. I hate that sensation. I didn’t get to sleep until 2am, and even then it was fitful.

The Sunday before that was the best Impro gig I’ve been involved in in recent memory. Along with the return of Adam Vincent, we had Andrew McClelland, Dave Williams, Nick Jamieson all returning after long-ish absences, it was also Adam McKenzie’s last gig before leaving for Canada and inevitable fortune. Benne Harrison and Danny Alder also contributed their musical expertise and charisam to the night, and of course Robby Lloyd held the evening together like the finest gold-plated butcher’s string.

The three days leading up to the Sunday gig was, to be honest, damn near the most intoxicated of my life, leaving me severely emotionally crippled early this week. Hard living really, really doesn’t agree with my brain.

Life has been frantic but fulfilling. I feel like I’ve lived 6 months in a week. I’ve still managed to (mostly) turn up to work, but damn, it has been FULL. ON.

Over the next week I look forward to more time to relax, ponder the world and spin delicate strands of information into the garish tartan that is… GoldSounds.

Cheers, bedtime now.


One thought on “It’s been a while

  1. daniel

    I’ll go to bed at 10pm, I’ll give up drinking, but I will never give up my pony, backstreet boys fetish and overuse of makeup.


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