Mystery photo identity solved!

I saw this poster in the window of a local hairdresser (-37″47’21, 144″58’23), and had no idea what it is.

So I asked my friend Barbara, and got the following response:

forwarded conversation:

“Barbara” wrote:

Hey Chester,

My friend Dan took this photo somewhere in Melbourne and wants to know
what it is. I got as far as “Digital Revolution” and then I think “Now
totally possible!” before the characters got too small for my
untrained eyes to laboriously decode. Can you help us out?


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Chester
Date: Jun 3, 2005 11:31 PM
Subject: Re: Fwd: P1030547.JPG
To: “Barbara”

You pretty much got the top part. The things in the boxes are as
follows (please bear in mind this is a slightly intoxicated

1. “Volume saving voluminous perm.”
2. Also short hair “setting” perm
3. Acid perm without hair damage
4. “Seramide / theramide (an English loan word I can’t distiguish
since I have no knowledge of hair dressing or chemistry and doesn’t
appear in my dictionary)” acid coating perm
5. Operation time reduced by 1/2 (this one is kind of funny because
the word ‘½Ã¼ú’ usually refers to surgery. I was unaware that it
could be used in referece to hair styling as well).

I can’t really make out the words in the red box at the bottom (aside
from the word “setting” written out in Korean and the big “OK” at the
end). Next time I get my hair cut I’ll ask the hairstylist about
“seramide” as opposed to “theramide” and attempt to figure that
nonsense out.


so there you go.


Go Internet!

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By Dan Walmsley

Dan Walmsley


  1. mystery solved. Thank you scooby.

    I sent this to Matt. Erin sent it to me to cheer me up. Which it briefly did.


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