Worthless trinkets meet with undisclosed level of success

I love press-releases, particularly ones that try to invert reality and turn a lame-duck company into an unstoppable profit-generating powerhouse. So it goes with the irrepressible 3hgroup, makers of Meegos and, uh, not much else.

I’ve spoken of Meegos before, so it may be fun to delve into the past before reading further.

Their latest missive (Late-May 2005) proclaims vociferously the “Rapid uptake of Meegos(TM) for MSN Messenger 7”, and then completely fails to list any of the following:

  • sales figures
  • revenues
  • advertising expenditure (i.e. exposure)
  • anything at all that would indicate whether their business is performing well, by any objective measure.

While listing only the following:

  • Current number of users of MSN (155 million), as a potential market

You know, the potential market for my website is every single person on the Internet, and do you know how many people visit it? Go on, have a guess. I can assure you, it isn’t countless millions.

Oh, and I would just like to point out that, yet again, I am bringing the Google smackdown on 3hgroup’s head – I’m the 6th result for Meegos and the 4th for 3hgroup, and in both cases am pretty much the highest non-official result.

So, 3hgroup, please prove to us once and for all that you are a profit-generating company that is “enhancing communication between people globally” (guffaw), and not a lame vanity project for a guy who got lucky with a dating site. No pun intended.

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