More on geo-enabling the web

I’m getting more and more excited about the practical possibilities of tagging online information with geographic information, and so – it seems – are a lot of other people. MaisonBisson has two (one, two) great blog posts about it, full of interesting links.

I see the mobile phone (rapidly hybridizing with the PDA, GPS unit, camera and MP3 player, the latter no thanks to telephone companies update: is that really so?) as the key enabler here. As soon as the user interface or desktop computer integration of mobiles improves enough to enter blog posts through the phone, we should see an explosion in geo-tagged multimedia pouring onto the net. I’ve heard that some phone manufacturers are already embedding lat/long coordinates into the EXIF header of images captured on the phone. Now we just need that for text, audio and video.

Then I’ll be happy. I have no idea why, but I’ll be happy.

p.s. I was just about to write some software that integrated GPS waypoints and tagged photos with locations according to the time they were taken, but Jeffrey Early got there first! (and did a better job than I ever would)

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