Maureen O’Gara loses all journalistic credibility in “outing” of Groklaw’s Pamela Jones

Not much time to write now, but a recent article by anti-OSS hack Maureen O’Gara has stirred up controversy all over the ‘net and cast a shadow over legal proceedings between SCO and IBM over Linux. In the article, O’Gara reveals Groklaw journalist Pamela “PJ” Jones’s address, age, relatives, movements, religion, aspersions on her character and photos of her house and her associates’ houses. This is the most stunning and blatant attack yet on a woman who has created one of the pillars of the Free Software world and is trusted and respected by the OSS community.

PJ has a write-up from her point of view at

To see what most people think of this sort of behaviour, just read the comments on O’Gara’s article at the hack journalism site Linux Business News.

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