Wotcha bin smokin’ mon?

I laughed inappropriately loudly for the workplace when I found this document at The Memory Hole.

Essentially, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) commissioned a pamphlet explaining people’s rights, and one translation was requested specifically for the Creole-speaking Haitians living in HUD-provided housing in Miami. However, instead of translating into French-Creole, the sub-contractors (Thorner Press of Buffalo, N.Y.) created an English-Creole version. English-Creole is a dialect commonly spoken in Jamaica.

The Haitian government, when viewing the result, asked if it was some kind of racist joke.

So recline in your knitted beanie, roll a Camberwell Carrot, and enjoy the words of Secretary Andrew M. Cuomo Fella (head of HUD).

We ave a pawtnaship wid everi rezedent of HUD-assisted owzing developments: Owzing protekss di rights ahf di tenants, ahn tenants gawd dem own right tru rispansible bi’ahviah. Owah goal is fi guh beyan dat pawtnaship ahn create a sense ahf community by encouraging di rezedents fi bekum more aktive ahn invalve demselves inna di decishans dat ahfek di development ahf deir own owzing developments.


Reminds me of the ol’ Jive Server.

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