Right on

From slashdot:

Let the zealots win.

Lets have 15 different proprietary “standards” out there for music. That way if you buy a player from Apple, you buy your music from Apple. If a song you like is only available on some other service, why you buy another player.

I don’t care. I’m through with music. I wont buy any CDs or download any songs.

In my day, it was pretty decent. I could go buy a CD from any store I wanted, and it would work in any of my CD players. Before that was cassette tapes, before that 8-tracks and LPs.

But I don’t care about todays kids. Go let yourself get screwed over by a bunch of corporate assholes. Tell yourselves that the company is some great benevolant force that truly cares about you, if that makes you feel better.

I could give a fuck if iTunes is completely incompatible with Real and every other music service. I could give two shits what kind of DRM Apple or Real or Napster or anyone else want to use. Who gives a shit if you’re allowed to burn it to one CD, or only listen to the song on the third tuesday of every month.

Hey, do it to TV too. I don’t care. When video-on-demand rolls out, make sure each service is compatible only with a suitably branded TV set or cable tuner. Sony Video-on-Demand only works with Sony sets, etc. Ruin TV. See if you can make a buck doing it.

Have your legions of Sony fans go around swearing and acting like idiots if Phillips starts trying to compete.

Not my problem, and I don’t care.

The entire “entertainment” industry can jump up my ass. It bores me. I don’t look to any corporate messiah for my entertainment anymore. Fuck em all, and fuck all their fans and zealots.

15 thoughts on “Right on

  1. Sally 'Brutal Honesty' Mystery Surname

    Shall I or shall I not be surprised that you named your website from a Pavement song? It’s actually the song I began my last mixed cd too, made only a few weeks ago.

    ps: I encountered your site on Baobhan Sidhe search. Have a very talented musical friend looking to put Blues band together.

    Now your challenge is to find my very secret online journal, running for the past 4 years. HAH!


  2. Sally 'Brutal Honesty' Mystery Surname

    Note: the link to your blog was not malicious, rather referring to your comment and link to veryverygay.com – which is run by a friend of mine. My entire universe collided and exploded in my head. I was commenting at how small the internet has actually become, and so she could get a kick out of it.

    Oh, and you read your IP logs! Yay you!

    Besides, since you have comments inactive AFAIK, I actually wanted to bring your attention to the following, as I thought you would enjoy them: Phoebe Gloeckner part a, Part B and something else.

    Things change, y’know.


  3. Sally

    Yes, but I am reading retrospectively. In which comments would have been made, but there are no means. Alas, the snark remains unleashed.


  4. Sally

    Ah Dan, you need a t-shirt deemed with the appropriate slogan:
    “Dan… bringing people together since ’04”.
    I may even pay for the printing of it, when I get my own done:
    “Sally… Stalking since ’76!”


  5. Sally

    oh and ps – you want a gmail account? They are just giving them away these days. Well, I have free invites, if you don’t mind losing some of your privacy and freedom* that is.

    (*loss of privacy and freedom is due to bizarre gmail formula, rather than author’s own malicious intent and needs)


  6. Sally

    HEY! It didn’t post my picture. Blogger is like the unsophisticated, retarded child of livejournal. Yes, I know it came first, but it has bells and whistles. I like them stuff.


  7. Sally

    Damnit. I have the BEST photo of you and Hannah* though. I think you were mid-fight, and it’s almost a paparazzi shot. I have always kept it. It’s just one of those, so bad it’s good photos. Under the terms of “nice” however, it doesn’t qualify. 😦

    (*can’t remember if this is right name. The really young one we gave you shit about. No, the other really young one)

    You should be a sports coach.


  8. I still have the image of a grinning Sally sitting astride a tree trunk (or something similarly outdoorsy) as part of a CHRISTIAN YOUTH CAMP burned into my skull. I believe you may have been wearing a woolly cardigan. I should have stolen it to use as a bargaining chip in situations like this…


  9. Sally

    Ah yes, to bring me down you bring out the CHRISTIAN CARD.
    I know of no photo. If you can produce it, bring it on. I didn’t find the PRECISE photo I was thinking of, but I did find 1 of several in the series, and of course, the negatives. Can anyone say A0 size! I will blow it up super size and paste it on the synagogue.

    The only photo I CAN think of is where I was wearing a bright red LIFE JACKET and was of course outside about to go CANOEING. Which still is a healthy, outdoorsy, clean-living activity, but I tell you, there was no cardigan involved in my love affair with Jesus, and there never was.

    and I don’t know where that photo is.


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