Or Else!

A great comment on the Meegos page, purportedly from admin@msn.com.

You need to pay for your meegos, msn had used very much money to make this project availible for the public! You have shown a stolen meego on you site as an example, wecan easy track you down.. pay for one now and display that one here please.. or else…

[cacophonous laughter]

To Kirk Goblin.

Oh my GOD! You’re ONTO ME! I thought I was perfectly safe posting my personal opinions on this web site which I OWN, whose name registration is under MY NAME AND BILLING ADDRESS. Why, only the most devious black hat hackers working for trillionaire Russian crime syndicates could figure out MY identity! Only they possess the mysical power of “whois.net”.

Second, you’re saying that that just because MSN paid a lot of money for this project I should _respect_ them? That’s exactly why I _don’t_ respect them! It’s L-A-M-E.

Third, I didn’t steal the Meego on my site. The Meego was part of a screenshot of the MSN Meegos site, which I was reviewing for editorial purposes. If MSN sues everyone who looks at their site and attempts to comment on it, then they’re not going to find a lot of people reviewing their site, are they? Plus, if I had a Meego _without_ blue lines, and hadn’t paid for it, _that_ would be stealing. This is the free one, ce?

Finally, (FINALLY!), “or else”. I don’t even know where to start. But I’ll start here: You’re in fucking Oslo. OSLO. If you throw a snowball at me, it will melt by the time it gets here. I strongly doubt that you actually have anything to do with MSN, but just in case you do, please get back to me with a real threat within my legal jurisdiction and then I will take you seriously.

Looking forward to it,

Yeesh! The war of words continues…

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