_sigh_ kickin’ it one more time, y’all

Some people never give up. They just have to have the last word.

I am one of those people.

3H Group posted on my site again last thursday – I must have missed it because I got tired of scanning my logs in the morning – and here’s the scintillating prose and searing wit they emblazoned in mighty letters of fire against my post:


That’s the first attempt at a last word that I’ve ever seen that’s actually a single word. Beautifully literal, donchathink?

For the click-minimalists that might not want to browse to my response:

What, were you _drunk_ when you posted this? Your comment was posted from inside the 3hgroup private network. Please stop spamming and abusing my site. This is turning into an embarrassment for you and your employer.

I mean, really, don’t you guys have better things to do? Like run a business? You can’t really blame me for flaming you – you definately started this. From your first post you called me an idiot, and now you’ve drawn hundreds and hundreds of hits to my site with your pointless rants and ill-conceived attempts at marketing. If this post is some attempt to bait me, it failed. Frankly, I’m bored with this, as I’m sure anyone else would be by now.

You dug your hole, now lie in it. Sheesh.


The worst part is, I’m all sorts of terrible things – a liar, lazy, overly critical, frequently just plain annoying; but they called me an idiot, which is one thing I really don’t think I am. Talk about being so far off the mark.

Lordy, the fun never stops – someone with the imaginitive name of “Meegos Rock” posted a comment on the original article saying simply:

Meegos rock!!

Well, as you can imagine it took about three minutes to trace this back to, not 3H Group, but MSN themselves:

To Meegos Rock:
Jeez, you would think that maybe, just maybe, the wonderful people of MSN and 3H Group would have BOARDED THE FUCKING CLUE-TRAIN AND REALISED I CAN SEE WHO YOU ARE WHEN YOU POST ON MY SITE. But noooo, here we go again, this time you’re posting from jetstream.xtra.co.nz, xtra being an MSN network that, wonder-of-wonders, just launched Meegos. Before all this started, I would have given such circumstantial evidence less credence, but since every positive comment about Meegos so far has provably come from a 3H Group employee, I’m no longer so trusting.

As my friend Matt said in another comment, anyone who googles you, be they potential partners, employees, or customers, is now going to see yet another pathetic attempt at marketing your virtual non-product on my site. MY SITE.

From the moment you called me a “smuck” (sic), you invited this trouble on yourself. Every time you fuck with my site, you only make it worse for yourselves. But instead of learning your lesson, you’ve created at least four identities, astroturfed my site, called me an idiot, a ’smuck’, jobless, underdressed, and other names. And you’ve bragged about your personal fortune!

Talk about needing to get a life. If I was an employee of 3H Group, I’d jump ship right about now – if they’re reduced to these sorts of actions, things must be really desperate.

I know now that I’ve bored everyone else to death with this, but I will not let their continued attempts at astroturfing on my site go unanswered. So to the two other people that ever read my site: I’m sorry.

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