Fuckety-Fucked Up

I received this email today from my friend Dave:

Further fuel for your pessimistic world-view.

This morning on Nine’s “Today” show they showed footage of two soldiers in Iraq- fully uniformed, with rifles etc. – and then interviewed their wives (and, in one case, children) back home. The presenter then proceeded to ask a SEVEN-YEAR-OLD CHILD:

“He looked pretty good with that gun, didn’t he?”
“He looked pretty in control, didn’t he?”


By golly the world is a screwed up place. Imagine the trouble the journalist would have gotten into if he’d said something like:

“You know Mummy and Daddy love each other very much”
“I bet Daddy’s thinking a lot about how it would feel to have his pee-pee inside Mummy”

I mean, you simple musn’t expose our children to those kinds of thoughts.


One thought on “Fuckety-Fucked Up

  1. I think it’s just finally dawning on me that so-called civilisation can most easily be thought of as an ongoing cycle of laughably similar mistakes riding atop a the one good idea humanity ever had: organised agriculture.


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