Two a-meegos?

My girlfriend (yes, I have a job and a girlfriend – I should be on TV!) has made a meego.

Standing behind a glass door?

Nice blue stripes, baby!

This will be my last meegos-related post – frankly, I’m bored by it all. But on a final note, 3hgroup have started checking my site on the weekend – 12:15pm Sunday, and then again at their usual time, 10am this morning.

Oh, and I saw a small article about Daniel Haigh in the Age Sunday Review (or whatever it’s called). I was surprisingly on-the-money with my sex-tours comment, except for the part about sex (I think). He travels a lot. So we have something in common!

I would hesitate to call him an Internet Whiz-Kid though – the horribly unprotected server that connects to his Intranet is evidence enough of that. More like right-place, right-time.

10 thoughts on “Two a-meegos?

  1. noname

    I was looking for some meegos information, then I found this site.
    I was a little confused about the Daniels (which is which?).
    As I kept reading, found out WHY the meegos SITE is not working at all 😛
    Im not paying for a meego, NO WAY. I made one and copied to paint 😛 LOL
    Anyway their site (english sites) have a nasty JAVASCRIPT ERROR so no one can copy their meego PREVIEWS anymore.
    their meegos’ sites in other locations (non englsih sites) are not working at all. THEY WONT LOAD on your browser.

    You can always go to AVATAR FACTORY and make your own _MEEGO_ on FOR FREE

    Au Revoir!


  2. daniel

    Wow, thanks “piss on u” for the informative and constructive criticism. People sure are “losers” if they make it to my site looking for Meegos – then again, they’re losers if they’re looking for Meegos in the first place, so I figure I’m doing no harm.

    If a company is outranked by some obscure guy’s blog, their marketing department is doing something wrong.


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