A Meeting of the Meegos

This afternoon, 3hgroup had a meeting about my site. They sat in the boardroom and discussed my pissant blog. Between 3 and 5pm Australian Eastern Standard time, they viewed the Meegos page alone at least 7 times, god knows how many times they actually viewed it given the likelihood that it’s cached by the IIS proxy running on their Windows 2003 Server (which they utterly failed to firewall).

They also viewed the main page at least ten times. Jeez – my blog doesn’t change that often guys, give it a rest!

For those just joining us, 3hgroup started astroturfing their lame Meegos product on my site, pretending to be a “passionate fan” and insulting my intelligence (not to mention implying I’m unemployed), then openly praised themselves as another fake user. When I told them I was onto them, they insisted I was off the mark, but of course they haven’t posted since I proved they were full of shit.

I have never had so much fun online.

Oh and another thing – my meegos page is starting to get a serious amount of traffic.

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