Still drunk

Possibly a little less afraid than I ought to be, I searched google groups to see if anyone from 3hgroup has ever had a problem with their Microsoft-only software. Lo and behold! The newsgroups are full of questions from one Samuel Goldenbaum (see his bio on this page). Sam is so proficient at “architecting n-tier web applications” that he has to ask:

Hi All

I have a images directory:
The website is hosted in country A but the majority of users are in country
B. My problem is image related. I want the users in country B to access the
website in country A, but pull images from a server in country B.

If I change the content location of the images directory on server A to
redirect to a URL on another server (server B), will the client pull the
content directly from the redirected URL (server B) or will the content be
pulled to server A then delivered to the client.



So he wants to know, in essence, how he can serve images from a different server through his website. Word to the wise, Sam – change the fucking URL.

This is becoming quite enjoyable. I think I just found my winter hobby.

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