Information wants to be wanted

According to my logs, 3hgroup now regularly checks my blog at 10 or 11am, daily – single-handedly increasing the traffic on my site by 25%.

The things you have to do to get a regular audience…

I am now the top non-official result (3rd result) on google when you search for 3hgroup. So here now we have a company that produces a single product that sucks, and anyone who wants to know anything about them or their product will see me as the number-one third-party resource.


3 thoughts on “Information wants to be wanted

  1. What, were you _drunk_ when you posted this? Your comment was posted from inside the 3hgroup private network. Please stop spamming and abusing my site. This is turning into an embarrassment for you and your employer.

    I mean, really, don’t you guys have better things to do? Like run a business? You can’t really blame me for flaming you – you definately started this. From your first post you called me an idiot, and now you’ve drawn hundreds and hundreds of hits to my site with your pointless rants and ill-conceived attempts at marketing. If this post is some attempt to bait me, it failed. Frankly, I’m bored with this, as I’m sure anyone else would be by now.

    You dug your hole, now lie in it. Sheesh.



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