Sorry, I was pretty far off the mark

In the next post down, you can see that meegos has some pretty harsh words for me:

you are so off the mark my friend….but its funny to listen to and watch… just let me know if you would like updates in the future..P.S. your obviously an extremely dedicated employee, your posts are all done from your apparent work ! your messages also scream of someone with way too much time on there hands…

Yeah, I’m pretty far off the mark with my assertions about you working for 3hgroup considering all your comments come from their intranet.

I wanna sing

Good grief, how stupid do you think I am?

I don’t really have a lot of time on my hands, but I’m having so much fun it’s hard to stop. Besides, I worked ’til 2am last night, and the night before – work owes me this 😉


Meegos has commented on the original post – this time with just a link to a Sydney Morning Herald article that talks about how much Dave Heysen sold Soulmates for. Jeez – sensitive much?

My response, to save typing:

Ok, this is just awesome, just AWESOME. I was browsing the logs and saw that Dave had just posted – hi Dave!

a) meego just confirmed that he’s Dave Heysen (or someone who knows him) by posting a link bragging about how he sold Soulmates for $23 million
b) Someone who just made $23 million still finds it necessary to brag about it on a blog noone reads – self esteem issues Dave?
c) I never said Soulmates / went nowhere – I _knew_ it was sold for a packet. I still contend that TVMates was a dismal flop, considering the anecdotal evidence that is a spam site, and nothing’s been mentioned of it since the trial press release circa 2000.
d) You’re still pretending to be “meegos”? Give it up, dude!

This is so going on the front page.


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