2 thoughts on “Correction!

  1. you are so off the mark my friend….but its funny to listen to and watch… just let me know if you would like updates in the future..P.S. your obviously an extremely dedicated employee, your posts are all done from your apparent work ! your messages also scream of someone with way too much time on there hands…


  2. I don’t get it – how am I off the mark? You just admitted that you’re not who you say you are by posting as the same user but with a completely different tone/agenda.

    If I’m off the mark, why don’t you ‘fess up to who you really are? You’ve obviously been pretending to be at least two different people (now three). By continuing to play these games all you’re doing is allowing disinformation to be spread.

    My posts have taken a grand total of half an hour to write – less than a lunch hour – and I work up to 18 hours a day. Not a large proportion of my time, really, for all the fun I’m having.

    So instead of pretending like I’m an idiot for noticing that you’ve been lying repeatedly about who you are on my site, forging multiple identities with the agenda of promoting meegos (if you don’t work for them, why the _hell_ would you bother?), why don’t you just come clean? I’m sure we’re all waiting with bated breath (that is, me, my friend Matt, and my girlfriend – who are the only other people who read this site).

    You want to talk about funny, man, I’ve never laughed so much since you started this whole thing. And bear in mind, I can see you’re doing more than listening and watching – you’re posting and reading my site several times a day. Don’t play the “I’m cooler than you” game with me – I have _nothing_ to lose. This site is a toy. Your site is your job.


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