Astroturf – the new frontier of marketing

A recent slashdot article links to a critique of astroturfing, mostly regarding linux. However, it’s disturbingly relevant given recent events on my own website.

The Internet has levelled the playing field – now the idea of consulting a third-party opinion about technical matters has gained relevance, and consumers (and decision makers – but is there a difference anymore?) have become sophisticated about their choices. These days it’s necessary for corporations to shroud themselves in a variety of supposedly independent identities in order to spread their message without banging their heads against the brick wall of consumer cynicism.

So what can we do? Evolve. Reject their backwards ideas of consumer-based economies, because the people telling you to consume are doing so only because it benefits their own ends – yes, even the governments. How can the citizens of the USA live in a country whose president actually has to be a billionaire before standing a chance of becoming elected, and believe that their government is independant of the influence of commercial entities?

My message to the corporations and corporate governments of the world: fuck you you fucking assholes, I hate you so much.

That is all.

Yes, I am really fucking drunk – what of it?

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