Microsoft shot my dog

Funniest. Slashdot. Post. Ever.

In brief: the discussion relates to Microsoft’s new direction regarding APIs, namely that breaking backwards compatibility can be a Good Thing ™. A selection:

Technical community and pundits: OMIGOD the windows API is so crappy and kludgy and windows crashes a bazillon times a day and you shot my dog

Microsoft: no, it’s actually YOUR badly written applications

TCP: OMIGOD it’s still your fault

MS: That’s ok we fixed it for you anwyay.

TCP: OMIGOD why did you waste all that energy on such and old and rotten API! You suck! HUZZAH! I’m throwing salt in your eyes

MS: Yeah, I know, we finally decided it was time to part with all that baggage and hired smart guys that you seemed to like and invented .NET and a whole bunch of other replacement APIs

TCP: OMIGOD why did you do this to me!? I thought you loved me!? I’m going to run off with my new lover “teh intarweb” where we will make complicated scientific visualization applications out of javascript and feed starving mouths with semantic web markup alone, and live in a utopian libertarian dream!

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