Two a-meegos?

My girlfriend (yes, I have a job and a girlfriend – I should be on TV!) has made a meego.

Standing behind a glass door?

Nice blue stripes, baby!

This will be my last meegos-related post – frankly, I’m bored by it all. But on a final note, 3hgroup have started checking my site on the weekend – 12:15pm Sunday, and then again at their usual time, 10am this morning.

Oh, and I saw a small article about Daniel Haigh in the Age Sunday Review (or whatever it’s called). I was surprisingly on-the-money with my sex-tours comment, except for the part about sex (I think). He travels a lot. So we have something in common!

I would hesitate to call him an Internet Whiz-Kid though – the horribly unprotected server that connects to his Intranet is evidence enough of that. More like right-place, right-time.

A Meeting of the Meegos

This afternoon, 3hgroup had a meeting about my site. They sat in the boardroom and discussed my pissant blog. Between 3 and 5pm Australian Eastern Standard time, they viewed the Meegos page alone at least 7 times, god knows how many times they actually viewed it given the likelihood that it’s cached by the IIS proxy running on their Windows 2003 Server (which they utterly failed to firewall).

They also viewed the main page at least ten times. Jeez – my blog doesn’t change that often guys, give it a rest!

For those just joining us, 3hgroup started astroturfing their lame Meegos product on my site, pretending to be a “passionate fan” and insulting my intelligence (not to mention implying I’m unemployed), then openly praised themselves as another fake user. When I told them I was onto them, they insisted I was off the mark, but of course they haven’t posted since I proved they were full of shit.

I have never had so much fun online.

Oh and another thing – my meegos page is starting to get a serious amount of traffic.

Up early?

Daniel Haigh arrived early for work this morning, and the first thing he did was read my site. 8:28am – even millionaires have to get up early sometimes.


I wonder if 3hgroup still think astroturfing my blog was a good idea?

And a big thanks to Liz, who writes:

I was goin 2 go and get meegos but nw i starting 2 think its not such a good idea

Starting to think is one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do, Liz.

Information wants to be wanted

According to my logs, 3hgroup now regularly checks my blog at 10 or 11am, daily – single-handedly increasing the traffic on my site by 25%.

The things you have to do to get a regular audience…

I am now the top non-official result (3rd result) on google when you search for 3hgroup. So here now we have a company that produces a single product that sucks, and anyone who wants to know anything about them or their product will see me as the number-one third-party resource.


Gmail Invitations

Hi all, I just thought I’d let the world know that I’ve got 7 gmail invitations left to give away, and I’ve run out of people to give them to. So if anyone out there wants a gmail invitation, contact me at goldsounds[nospam]@[nospam], obviously without the “nospam” bits.

Despite the ongoing security debate, it’s a very interesting study in how to make a responsive web application. Gmail really is incredible technology.

update: Sorry to everyone who didn’t get a gmail account – there’s none left!

Holy Crap

I just realised the poster of certain self-promoting comments could be Daniel Haigh, 27-year-old “BRW Young Rich List” Internet entrepeneur. The whois record points almost directly at his Bondi Junction doorstep ($2.3 million buys you a house and a domain name, apparently), so this would come as little surprise. Also, Haigh is more likely to brag about his fortune than Heysen, since Haigh made the lions share of profits from the Soulmates / deal with Ticketek ($15 million of the $42 million deal).

Still – would one of the richest young people in Australia waste their time posting on my site? Surely they’d be too busy waterskiing or paragliding or going on decade-long sex-tours of third world countries?

Still drunk

Possibly a little less afraid than I ought to be, I searched google groups to see if anyone from 3hgroup has ever had a problem with their Microsoft-only software. Lo and behold! The newsgroups are full of questions from one Samuel Goldenbaum (see his bio on this page). Sam is so proficient at “architecting n-tier web applications” that he has to ask:

Hi All

I have a images directory:
The website is hosted in country A but the majority of users are in country
B. My problem is image related. I want the users in country B to access the
website in country A, but pull images from a server in country B.

If I change the content location of the images directory on server A to
redirect to a URL on another server (server B), will the client pull the
content directly from the redirected URL (server B) or will the content be
pulled to server A then delivered to the client.



So he wants to know, in essence, how he can serve images from a different server through his website. Word to the wise, Sam – change the fucking URL.

This is becoming quite enjoyable. I think I just found my winter hobby.

Astroturf – the new frontier of marketing

A recent slashdot article links to a critique of astroturfing, mostly regarding linux. However, it’s disturbingly relevant given recent events on my own website.

The Internet has levelled the playing field – now the idea of consulting a third-party opinion about technical matters has gained relevance, and consumers (and decision makers – but is there a difference anymore?) have become sophisticated about their choices. These days it’s necessary for corporations to shroud themselves in a variety of supposedly independent identities in order to spread their message without banging their heads against the brick wall of consumer cynicism.

So what can we do? Evolve. Reject their backwards ideas of consumer-based economies, because the people telling you to consume are doing so only because it benefits their own ends – yes, even the governments. How can the citizens of the USA live in a country whose president actually has to be a billionaire before standing a chance of becoming elected, and believe that their government is independant of the influence of commercial entities?

My message to the corporations and corporate governments of the world: fuck you you fucking assholes, I hate you so much.

That is all.

Yes, I am really fucking drunk – what of it?

Sorry, I was pretty far off the mark

In the next post down, you can see that meegos has some pretty harsh words for me:

you are so off the mark my friend….but its funny to listen to and watch… just let me know if you would like updates in the future..P.S. your obviously an extremely dedicated employee, your posts are all done from your apparent work ! your messages also scream of someone with way too much time on there hands…

Yeah, I’m pretty far off the mark with my assertions about you working for 3hgroup considering all your comments come from their intranet.

I wanna sing

Good grief, how stupid do you think I am?

I don’t really have a lot of time on my hands, but I’m having so much fun it’s hard to stop. Besides, I worked ’til 2am last night, and the night before – work owes me this 😉


Meegos has commented on the original post – this time with just a link to a Sydney Morning Herald article that talks about how much Dave Heysen sold Soulmates for. Jeez – sensitive much?

My response, to save typing:

Ok, this is just awesome, just AWESOME. I was browsing the logs and saw that Dave had just posted – hi Dave!

a) meego just confirmed that he’s Dave Heysen (or someone who knows him) by posting a link bragging about how he sold Soulmates for $23 million
b) Someone who just made $23 million still finds it necessary to brag about it on a blog noone reads – self esteem issues Dave?
c) I never said Soulmates / went nowhere – I _knew_ it was sold for a packet. I still contend that TVMates was a dismal flop, considering the anecdotal evidence that is a spam site, and nothing’s been mentioned of it since the trial press release circa 2000.
d) You’re still pretending to be “meegos”? Give it up, dude!

This is so going on the front page.