Pray they aren’t for real

Nestled deep within the annals of WikiPedia is a link to the Presidential Prayer Team, whose web site includes such comedic gems as:

Pray for the members of the President’s newly appointed commission to study intelligence capabilities. They are charged with studying the ways our nation gathers information and how it is used–specifically regarding weapons of mass destruction. Pray for Co-Chairs Charles S. Robb and Laurence H. Silberman and members John McCain, Lloyd Cutler, Richard Levin, Henry S. Rowen, William Studeman, Charles M. Vest and Patricia Wald.

The irony of that statement, of course, is that every one of those men has been praying that there are weapons of mass destruction somewhere in their region of interest. At times like this it seems that prayer is the only thing that can save America’s intelligence gathering community.

More wholesome advice from the Godly webmasters at Presidential Prayer Team Kids:

Pray for the kids in America to learn modesty and to realize that there is nothing cool about showing off your skin or wearing skimpy clothing.

What the Hell has that got to do with the President?

Big Fish Stinks

Last night I had mild distraction of watching Big Fish, an overhyped pile of self-involved schmaltz directed by a retarded poltergeist inhabiting the body of Tim Burton. Engaging performances by almost everyone couldn’t hide the fact that they were inhabiting a vaseline-lensed 50’s world, like Edward Scissorhands but with its tongue lolling uselessly away from its cheek. Big Fish expends so much creative energy being “Heartwarming” and “Imaginitive” that it forgets to be “Entertaining”.

Oh yeah, and I am sick and I have a toothache.