Her clothes saveth the man

From today’s Age, this is too awful not to repeat.

Woman too well-dressed to be victim, says judge

MADRID. A Moroccan man has been released after a Spanish court rules that his wife was too well-dressed during the trial to be a victim of domestic violence.

Barcelona judge Francisco Javier Pauli Collado said Latifa Daghdagh’s “physical appearance during the three-day hearing, not only made up but also dressed differently each day, with rings, fancy bracelets and earrings and large glasses… does not coincide with the image of a woman who has suffered months of aggression”, the national news agency Efe quoted the ruling as saying.

Politicians and women’s groups condemned the judge’s ruling. “It’s the perfect example of some judges harbouring absurd cliches about domestic violence, as if the victims of gender violence should be poorly dressed, be unintelligent or have no initiative,” said Ana Maria Perez del Campo, the president of the Spanish Federation of Separated and Divorced Women.

Large glasses? Sounds like she was asking for it.

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