Da! Da! Da Da!

As anyone who’s been there will tell you, Japan is a hotbed of musical creativity. And we all know how much I like hot beds. Cough.

Anyway, Matt and I recorded two songs while I was there, and I’m disgusted with myself to announce that I’m publishing them on the web.

Giant Robo is a cover of a Japanese TV show theme song. It’s fairly self-explanatory. Everything in Matt’s house that made a noise was used in the creation of this song.

Sheepy Knees is a heartfelt ballad about sheep that can also be thought of as a metaphor for life in these violent times. When the whole world seems to be at war with itself, can we do any less than be fellated by sheep?

If you don’t listen to these songs, then the terrorists have already won.

2 thoughts on “Da! Da! Da Da!

  1. daniel

    Hey, the monkey dances when I tell it to dance! [violently jerks joystick] What? It’s not responding! [is seared to a crisp by monkey jetpack exhaust]



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